• Sanitizers

    Regular and thorough hand hygiene is essential to fight against a virus. Especially in highly frequented places where many people come together.

    With the disinfectant stands and holders from Magnet ltd you can protect your customers, employees and visitors safely.

  • Washing Machine Pedestals

    The Magnet LTD stable washing machine stand / pedestal are universally suitable for all washing machines, dryers and refrigerators.

    High pedestal for optimal protection against water in the cellar.

    Convenient and easy to put in and take out without bending over.

    Height-adjustable foot for levelling uneven floors.

    100% Produced in Europe with 3 years warranty.

  • Boat anchors

    The best holding Anchors for the most convienent Price! Viking Anchors 

    Good and tested design, materials selected for technical excellence (not cost), professional workmanship, and rigorous quality control - are the hallmarks on which our reputation will be built - like any other product built to stand the tests of time and the demands of a discerning public.  We are making anchors - but we are also building safety devices - and safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

  • Speaker Holder

    Modern and simple desktop loudspeaker / studio monitor stands.  

    The developed design ensures that your monitors / speakers are exactly at the right height in relation to your ears and that unwanted noise is neutralized.

  • Furniture


  • TV Mounts

    The IZI bracket has been carefully designed for easy installation even by a non-professional with a minimal set of tools. The bubble level on the bracket will allow you to mount it exactly horizontally on the wall. And our patented IZI-KLIK technology gives you a unique opportunity to install it quickly and reliably in 3 steps. Follow the instructions and it will take you a little time.

    You also don't need to worry if you want to remove or replace it. With one movement, pulling the ropes, you will release the TV from the bracket locks. In addition, these ropes are tightened and will not interfere with you or hang awkwardly.

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